Essential oils

Essential oils are one of the most surprising products that Nature makes available to us due to the multiple properties that distinguish them.

Essential oils are much more than simple "natural perfumes" and, depending on the plants from which they are extracted, they have scientifically proven beneficial properties: balsamic, but also antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-infective, as well as relaxing or stimulating.

Essentia Essential Oils are ideal for: diffusers, humidifiers and essence burners.

100% natural essential oils

For the diffusion of essential oils in the environment, the best method is through cold ultrasonic diffusers as this instrument allows essential oils to be diffused without the use of heat which would alter the chemical-physical characteristics of the active ingredients contained, reducing their or canceling its medicinal properties.

Ultrasound is able to split water and essential oil molecules into tiny particles that are easily diffused into the environment and absorbed by the body via the alveolar exchange passage in the lungs.

When using essential oils it is essential to know that, through inhalation, they will come into contact with the pulmonary alveoli and, consequently, with the blood and with all the cells of our body. It is therefore very important that they are natural, of high quality and free of synthetic substances.
ESSENTIA essential oils are 100% natural, coming only from Bioagricert certified cultivations to SPREAD A NATURAL BREATH OF WELL-BEING.

Let's discover their qualities in detail:

Green Tea essential oils 100% natural, water-soluble and certified organic

Green tea is an extremely green fragrance inspired by aromatherapy, which helps keep calm and relax the mind. Forget stress and let yourself be carried away by this fresh and sparkling essence, which reactivates positive energy thanks to the stimulation of the senses and will make us feel under the expert care of a perfume that recalls ancient oriental practices.

EUCALYPTUS essential oils 100% natural, water-soluble and certified organic

Unique and unmistakable fragrance: EUCAPLIPTO leaves, pine needles and mountain woods to embellish it. Its refreshing and stimulating properties give well-being and recall positive sensations. Diffusion in the air allows you to purify the environment and helps concentration in study and work. It has a high balsamic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial power, useful in case of colds, headaches and coughs, helping to decongest the respiratory tract.

JASMIN essential oils 100% natural, water-soluble and certified organic

The fragrance spreads among the infinites of a lush garden, where the scent of jasmine is unfailingly inebriating and profound.

JASMIN aromatizes with its sweet bouquet of white flowers, enriched with powdery nuances and floral accords of Ylang Ylang and embellished with Cedar and Cashmere woods. A fragrance that frees you from daily stress and relaxes your spirit after an intense day of work. Seductive innocence that hides a bohemian soul.

ORANGE & CINNAMON essential oils 100% natural, water-soluble and certified organic

The warm sun filters through the noble citrus groves, releasing a delicate but penetrating taste. The sweet scent of Sicilian ORANGES embraces the intense aromatic notes of CINNAMON, creating an intriguing and welcoming fragrance, embellished with the notes of Cedar and Sandalwood.

PURE MUSK essential oils 100% natural, water-soluble and certified organic

Finding yourself lying on the grassy surface of an enchanted forest, which spreads a fresh fragrance among the trees. PURE MUSK is an essence that recalls the enveloping notes of white flowers, with heart notes of Ylang Ylang and embellished with hints of roots and precious woods, to envelop your rooms in a fresh embrace.

VANILLA CASHMERE Essential Oils 100% natural, water-soluble and certified organic

From the natural splendor of a flowering garden wafts a heavenly aroma.
VANILLA CASHMERE is a warm and enveloping fragrance, which transmits calm and relaxation in every environment, thanks also to the addition of hints of Tonka bean. A fragrance reminiscent of the sweet notes of Vanilla, which blend with the warmth and softness of cotton candy.