How to use the laundry perfumer in the washing machine

Perfumes for laundry arise from people's need to always have perfectly perfumed clothes even after many days…

How to use the laundry perfumer

Essentia, thanks to the special formula of the Micro – Encapsulation of the essences, allows you to keep the perfume alive for a long time on any type of fabric, even the most delicate.
The intensity of the perfume also increases with the rubbing of the fabrics and with the heat.

Perfumes for Laundry are not all the same…..

Our line of WASHING MACHINE ESSENCES uses only the best essential oil extracts

Free of toxic or carcinogenic substances, to give you unique and surprising fragrances on all types of fabric, both in the washing machine and in the dryer.

From today also with a new sanitizing formula for your safety!

The birth of Perfumes for Laundry was a real Revolution in the field of cleaning.

A few drops of laundry perfume are enough Essentia today produces 14 unique and surprising fragrances, powdery, citrus, flowery, etc. so as to be able to meet everyone's tastes.

Using the laundry perfumer is very easy, just pour about 20 ml of product directly into the tray you use for the softener.
Depending on the intensity of the perfume to be obtained, 15-20ml of product is recommended for every 5-7 kg of laundry. Obviously they can be used with any type of program.

They are able to perfume laundry even without fabric softener. However, to make the garments soft as well as perfumed, especially when they are hung out in the open air and tend to harden, we recommend using a laundry perfumer together with a neutral fabric softener, to avoid mixing the fragrances.

You can also use laundry fragrances:

IN THE DRYER : pour a few drops on a handkerchief, a piece of fabric or wool balls and place it inside the dryer.

BY HAND : add 10/20 ml of product every 5 liters of water in the last rinse using protective gloves.

Now all you have to do is choose the fragrance that's right for you and wrap all your clothes in an explosion of perfume!