Perfumes Improve Memory

The very close link between memory and smell has been known for some time and has also been at the center of literary works.

Less known is the ability of odors to improve memory and slow down cognitive decline in the elderly, recently highlighted by a study from the University of California published in the journal Frontiers in Neuroscience.

The research involved 43 adults aged between 60 and 85 , divided into two groups; one served as a control while the other was exposed to scents emitted from diffusers every night for two-hour periods.

Boots effect! After 6 months, the behaviors of the second group had improved by 226% in memory tests . Furthermore, some areas of their brains showed small changes linked to increased cognitive efficiency.

Researchers note that age often leads to a deterioration in olfactory sensitivity, which may precede cognitive decline.

Enriching the environment with odors could therefore be a simple and effective method to counteract this form of aging.