Perfume your Christmas with our Gift Ideas!

Giving a perfume at Christmas is always the right choice. Imagine just one product, but infinite combinations. Imagine the ability of smell to transport you to timeless atmospheres and memories, to make you travel far away. All from the comfort of your home, wrapped in the warmth of your living room.


Today, room fragrances are increasingly sought after and appreciated; therefore an air freshener is the perfect Christmas gift for those who love taking care of their home, giving it that extra touch. Not just during the holidays, but on any occasion. Some essence diffusers make the Christmas atmosphere even more real, thanks to notes that immediately bring to mind laid tables, chatter in the air and crackling fireplaces.

Orange & Cinnamon with its delicious aroma recalls the warm and enveloping atmospheres of the Mediterranean. The spicy notes spread through the air and it's immediately like a ray of sunshine radiating energy. The ideal Christmas gift to give to those who love traveling to exotic destinations or to all those who have made cooking their kingdom. In the kitchen, in fact, the notes of citrus fruits liven up and purify the air, making the environment more welcoming and livable.

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A Christmas gift idea for her and/or for him that will always be appreciated is certainly a Scented Candle.
Scented candles are an increasingly present object in our homes, thanks to their ability to spread an intense and pleasant aroma into the environment. It is a very versatile decorative element, which can be used to create different atmospheres, depending on the occasion.

The Rosso Rubino Fragrance is a very Christmassy Fragrance, if it is also made inside a Red Candle, it will become the Christmas gift par excellence. The sweet and juicy aroma of the bunches inebriates the air with a fruity essence. Rosso Rubino tells all the deliciousness of a sugary perfume with original gourmand nuances, immediately recalling a festive atmosphere. An essence to be experienced while watching TV on the sofa or chatting with friends in the living room, immersed in a feeling of absolute comfort.

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An original gift idea for friends could be a Laundry Perfume, today we give more and more importance to perfumes and we like to be able to change them and wear them every day.
The art of laundry is much more than a simple household routine: it is an act of care and preservation of our clothes, our fabrics and, ultimately, ourselves. Over the centuries, we have developed various techniques and products to ensure that our clothes remain clean, fresh and soft. Among these products, laundry essences are identified as key elements to give scent and freshness to our fabrics, while ensuring their durability over time. Our friends will love it!

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Giving a perfume as a gift means making a loved one feel special, especially if our choice falls on a refined perfume. With such a precious Christmas gift we let each other know how important it really is. The male universe is also increasingly approaching the world of aroma therapy, a gift idea for him could be an essential oil diffuser.

Diffusers have become a popular way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. These tools allow you to diffuse oils into the air, creating a fragrant and beneficial atmosphere within the rooms. By inhaling the diffused essential oils, it is possible to experience their calming, energizing or relaxing effects, depending on the oils used and where the diffuser will be positioned, whether in a workplace, in your home or in a recreational place.

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There is no one Christmas spirit that is the same for everyone, and for this reason each of us will identify our Christmas in a different perfume.

Surely a Box containing 10 Laundry Fragrances to try could be a very fun and unexpected Christmas gift! Or, if we know his tastes, focus on his Laundry Perfume together with his favorite Fabric Deo for a useful and at the same time original Christmas Gift Idea, so as not to fall back into the usual pair of gloves...

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To conclude…

If you are a lover of perfumes, whether you love woody and warm notes or floral accords; the vanilla and sweet harmonies, or the spicy aromas... we at Essentia wanted to offer you a selection of useful and original gift ideas, told with some of our products; particularly evocative of the most festive atmosphere of the year, to find your Christmas perfume with the right gift and fully enter into the holidays in the way that best suits you!!!