How to sanitize and keep the washing machine clean

When you come back from vacation you always have lots of laundry to do…. here's how to sanitize the washing machine!

And, wash after wash, our washing machine can accumulate dirt residues inside.
It may therefore happen to notice laundry that is not as clean as we would like, or – even worse – to smell a bad smell coming from our washing machine. This happens because, even the most careful housekeeper, the dirt can escape and get stuck in the gasket of the porthole, or in the filter. It is therefore important to know how to sanitize the washing machine!

This is an appliance that more than any other is subject to wear, with practically daily and rather consistent use, especially in large families. Like any other appliance, it requires periodic cleaning and maintenance operations which, precisely with regard to its continuous use, must be carried out with a certain frequency.

The best known problems are the formation of limescale, mold and deposits of sand and mineral substances, mainly due to the hardness of the water, and the appearance of bad odours. By keeping the filter, the gaskets and the drum perfectly clean , it is possible to ensure a long life to your washing machine, as well as obtaining a softer and more perfumed laundry, however, particular attention must also be paid to the external parts, given that very often, this appliance is placed in the kitchen or in another environment where it is visible, and the aesthetics are an important part.

Essentia Clean Professional washing machine descaler

Certainly there is no fixed rule on when to sanitize the washing machine, a lot depends on the frequency of washing and the type of load.
If you wash work clothes, for example, or if the quality of the water you use is excessively hard, you will need to do it more often; in any case, periodically sanitizing, disinfecting and deodorizing the washing machine is absolutely advisable!

Essentia Clean washing machine cleaner is a Professional Descaling and Sanitizing Cleaner for Washing Machines, also used in HACCP food safety programs.

Thanks to the brake foam formulation, this washing machine descaler is ideal for internal cleaning, it eliminates deposits and unpleasant odors and guarantees better functioning of the machine.

Furthermore, for customers who use perfumed essences for laundry, it guarantees an excellent result, the correct cleaning of the internal ducts from detergent and fabric softener residues is very important to obtain the best activation of the perfume of the essential oils on the washing clothes.

The product is supplied in a 500 ml bottle , necessary for 1 complete treatment which guarantees total cleaning of the washing machine up to 50 washes, it is recommended to repeat the treatment at least 3/6 times a year .