GREEN Scented Jar Candle - Green Tea

GREEN Scented Jar Candle - Green Tea
GREEN Scented Jar Candle - Green Tea

GREEN Scented Jar Candle - Green Tea

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The Essentia Nature line of scented candles is made with 100% vegetable soy wax for a unique olfactory experience.
Soy wax , compared to traditional paraffin (derived from petroleum), burns much longer and slowly, with a lower temperature, thus avoiding the release of harmful fumes or soot into the environment.
The natural cotton wick , when burning, does not release toxic substances and guarantees a slow and pleasant and prolonged diffusion of the fragrance, offering from 20 hours (100g) to 60 hours (300g) of pleasant diffusion of your favorite fragrance.

Warm and seductive atmosphere that immediately refers to the more traditional perfumes of the Orient. Green Tea is an inebriating and precious fragrance, with widespread sensations of bewitching sweetness, intense well-being and vivid dreams of warmth. An authentic potion against tiredness and stress.

Light the wick on one side and let the flame spread to its full extent.
The candle should be left lit for 30 to 60 minutes each time you decide to light it to help dissolve the first part that acts as a barrier.
This operation will help to avoid the formation of "tunnels" and that wax residues remain on the edges.
It will also allow it to cool evenly when it goes out.
The height of the flame may vary during use of the product, and occasionally it may appear as extinguished.
This phenomenon is normal: even if it is lower, the flame continues to produce heat and its height should recover during use.

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