Perfumer for Environment, perfume and personalize your home with style

Air fresheners are an essential piece of furniture to give your home an exclusive and personal touch. They can become a fashionable detail to give an extra pinch of style to any room in the house or in our office, studio, etc…

Essentia room fragrances are born from the desire to evoke in a room the memory of a past moment immersed in nature, hence the name "Pure Nature". Close your eyes and find yourself on the shores of a beach, among fragrant citrus groves, lying on a carpet of flowers or in an enchanted forest….

Perfume environments with diffusers

The Home Fragrances, both in the room perfumer version with wicker and in the ultrasound essential oil diffuser version, furnish with their perfume giving life to a new possibility of personalizing one's home but at the same time also giving color and harmony to the area that it surrounds them spreading a delicate scent capable of warming and rebalancing every sense.

ultrasonic diffuser

For all these reasons, the choice of the right fragrance must start from our personal taste and the style that belongs to us , without forgetting however that each fragrance transmits different vibrations. In fact, there are perfumes that have relaxing properties, others energizing, still others suitable for covering persistent odors, and so on... So it can be very useful to know how to choose your own fragrance carefully.

The room diffusers spread their aroma gradually , once the ampoule is opened, the sticks must be inserted inside and turned periodically to reinvigorate the fragrance.

The air freshener not only has the ability to perfume but also to furnish! A delicate and persistent fragrance will spread in every room and its very elegant line will also embellish your space like a piece of furniture. Personalizing each room with the most suitable essence will therefore be very pleasant and fun.