How to perfume laundry in the dryer

Very often, both via social channels and via email, I am asked this question:

How can I perfume clothes in the dryer?

The method is very simple….

How to perfume laundry in the dryer Simply POUR A FEW DROP OF " LAUNDRY PERFUMER " PRODUCT onto a handkerchief or onto some pieces of fabric or wool balls and place them inside the dryer.

The essential oils, with the heat and thanks to the movements of the machine, will release their fragrance, making the laundry particularly pleasant and fragrant.

However, I would like to make an important clarification, namely that Essentia Laundry Perfume was created precisely to eliminate the major problem of perfume evaporation when drying clothes in the sun or in the dryer .

We at Essentia have created all of our 14 Laundry Fragrances with the special Micro - Encapsulation of Essences formula which allows the fragrance to be maintained on the garments up to 400 degrees and allowed to penetrate into the fibers of the fabrics thanks to the heat.

This process therefore allows all items washed and scented with Essentia Laundry Perfumes not only to not lose their scent when the laundry is dried in the open air or through dryers and/or tumble dryers , but to amplify it.

The more the micro-encapsulated essence of the laundry fragrance comes into contact with heat, the more it is released, perfuming the fiber of each fabric, guaranteeing a truly surprising effect!
Furthermore, the rubbing action of the fabrics worn and body heat will cause the micro capsules to open and further release their perfumed fragrance.

The essences can therefore be used during any type of washing or drying and on any type of fabric.

Usare essentia in asciugatrice

By following our advice your scented laundry will be unparalleled!
Let's also not forget that, for those who love to wash their delicates by hand , they must not for this reason give up making these items super fragrant. Simply pour 10-20 ML of product for every 5 liters of water inside the basin together with the clothes and detergent.

Finally, rinse well as usual.