Detergent Sheets, a new way of thinking ECO-FRIENDLY, for a better planet

Even the most everyday of gestures can help a big change.

Today more than ever we are committed to the goal of transforming a simple daily gesture, such as "DOING THE LAUNDRY" , into a change that drastically reduces the environmental impact and allows us to see a more sustainable future.

A new way of thinking ECO-FRIENDLY, for a better planet.

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detersivo in fogli per lavatrice ESSENTIA DETERGENT SHEETS FOR WASHING MACHINE is not just a product, but a real philosophy that comes from the awareness that we live in a world that needs to be protected and defended.
An ideal bond to establish with nature, which we strengthen every time we do the laundry and which takes shape under the four "Rs" of this revolution!

Thanks to its lightness, it reduces all weight and bulk, a small pack for 30 washes, avoiding bulky bottles to be disposed of.
More than a billion plastic detergent bottles are used each year and only 20% of these are recycled
It reduces fuel consumption for transport by 94% and the consequent carbon emissions.

ESSENTIA DETERGENT SHEETS saves money due to its competitive cost and being pre-dosed, it avoids any waste of product.
Thanks to its innovative shape, doing the washing machine has never been so simple. Save time and money with Essentia Detergent Sheets .

It is an Eco-Friendly product that protects your family and the environment, respects fabrics and skin health, because it is hypoallergenic and Nikel Tested.
It is also Cruelty Free and Vegan.
Contains NO Parabens, Phosphates, Added Dyes 1,4-Dioxane, Microplastics, MIT Preservatives, Chlorine Bleach and Optical Brighteners.

Let yourself be amazed by the result, even on the most stubborn dirt. To obtain fragrant, clean and perfect laundry, we very often resort to the use of expensive or aggressive detergents such as bleach or chemical additives, which are not very delicate for our clothes and are harmful to our bodies.

Zero bottles and dispensers, a simple ECO sheet that is divided into two parts, each half of the sheet is sufficient to wash 5/7 kg of laundry, it is placed on the bottom of the drum and dissolves during washing, leaving no trace.
100% plastic free packaging: the inner film is made of 100% compostable regenerated cellulose.
Can also be used in hand washing, in hot and cold water.
Compatible with all types of washing machines, with all types of fabric, with white and colored garments.
Each box contains 15 sheets for 30 washes.
Neutral fragrance, ideal to be combined with the use of our ESSENTIA NATURE Laundry Perfumes.

ESSENTIA DETERGENT SHEETS is the natural alternative, which will make your laundry truly exceptional.

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